Em Lu

Minneapolis, MN
United States

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Some are born flexible while others are born stiff. I was born stiff, unfortunately. I could barely reach past my knees as a child. I used this as an excuse to avoid stretching for many years, but I secretly always wondered what it would be like to be flexible. Therefore, I stretched every day for ten minutes after my workouts. Little by little, my tiny fingers inched centimeter by centimeter closer to my toes. By the end of six months, I successfully grabbed onto my toes without bending my knees. Five years later, I sat in my first yoga class, and the teacher told everyone to do a seated forward bend with a flat back. Well, again I faced the same problem. I could only reach as far as my shin in a flat back. I practiced at home every day by sitting and reaching with a flat back. It took me several months before I could reach to my toes in a flat back, but now I can reach to my heels in a flat back seated forward bend. All it took was patience and dedication, and that’s exactly what yoga is. Yoga is for everybody. We don’t all come into a yoga class as one, but we can all leave as one. I enjoyed yoga so much that I decided to get certified in it. I received my teacher training certification at The Yoga Institute in Houston, TX with teacher, Lex Gillan, president of the National Association for Certified Yoga Teachers (NACYT).


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