Emilia Dordzik

United Arab Emirates

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I believe that whatever we are doing today is creating our tomorrow. Running through life we will miss a chance to replenish our energy and inhibit a positive outlook. Beauty is inherent. Dance, yoga or any physical exercise are forms to express our selves with reaffirmed confidence and giving a healthy inner and outer glow. In my opinion, people are unique and all of them deserve to be treated with the needed attention, care and respect. Having studied abroad as well worked in several different industries,I have learnt to adapt to new cultures, places and people. Dance was always part of my life which subsequently led me to understand the importance of fitness and diet regiment. Yoga opened the doors for my internal self practice and reflection. I wish to share the knowledge and skills that I have acquired in creating a positive change and outlook for the people in a conducive environment. Let yoga help them perceive themselves in a new light with my skill-set playing a small part in the process.


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