Emily-Clare Hill

United Kingdom

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I came to yoga aged 18, finding yoga as a great release whilst at university in London. I started my journey dropping in and out of various styles trying to find the one that resonated most with me. The truth is that my style and needs change day to day but the one that always spoke to me and shone was and is creative Vinyasa flow classes. Coming from a dance back and being so interested in the body and anatomy, Vinyasa gave me a little of everything I needed.

4 years later I decided to become a Vinyasa Flow Instructor. I am now 500RYT (an advanced qualified instructor), teaching graceful yet dynamic yoga flow classes in London. I love the freedom of creativity that Vinyasa allows me. I create intelligently sequenced classes; focusing on alignment and mindful placement, whilst being fun, strong and fresh.

Within my classes I bring together all aspects of yoga, breath, body, mind and spirit. I hope to bring a deeper awareness of the body, through movement and the mind through focus and Pranayama (breathing).

Twitter/Instagram - emily__yoga


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