Emily Gan

Montréal, QC

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Hi. My name is Emily Gan. I teach yoga in Montreal, Canada.

Yoga is a multi-faceted practice that brings support, focus, and engagement into my life. It’s about taking care of myself and deeply listening as well. So when the time comes to extend my hand out to hold, or to lend someone my ear, I am ready.

When I teach, I primarily start with the physical mechanics of the body and how it fits into the language of yoga. I enjoy the process of finding the right words to best transpose the vocabulary of yoga to the body. However, I accept that words are sometimes not enough (or sometimes too much). So, when I teach, I trust that the “doing” of yoga becomes an experiential learning tool that may lead to a better understanding of one’s own body, mind and spirit.

I really love to move. I find joy in learning other somatic languages. I feed off of new descriptions of the body. How is it to walk, to run, to climb, to jump, to dance, to float, to sit, to be still? Pass it on and connect.

I am also an artist in documentary, photography, and cinema. See emilygan-dot-com

My BIO :-)
Emily went to her first yoga class while studying visual and media arts. In the following years, yoga became a discipline that assisted in her physical, spiritual and mental well-being. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and Fine Arts (Photography) and began working in the field while also completing a certification to teach Moksha Yoga. Emily went on to complete the Naada Yoga Teacher Training (500hr NYTT)​ five years later​. Art and yoga continue to serve analogous functions ​in her life​; she draws from both practices for inspiration and support. She feels privileged to teach and learn from an extensive ​​community ​and hopes to share her love for yoga with clarity and sincerity.


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