Emily Rose

Melbourne VIC

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My yoga practice started when I was at university in the UK, in around 2000, and at first I loved the way the postures got me moving my body mindfully, coming from a background in dance. It wasn't until I started going to classes with a great teacher in my home town a few years later that I deepened my practice of pranayama and meditation and really started to feel the full benefits of yoga. I have practised many styles over the years including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha and Hot Yoga.

I had been looking for an opportunity to deepen my knowledge of yoga, and from there be better able to share my passion with others, when I found that my local studio was putting on teacher training. I graduated as a Mindful Hot Yoga teacher at Grass Roots Yoga Studio in St Kilda, Melbourne. I am now a Yoga Teacher Registered with Yoga Alliance Australia® (200 Hour RYT) and I have also completed my Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training with Bliss Baby Yoga.

I practised yoga throughout my pregnancies and I believe that yoga postures, breathing and meditation techniques helped me to have a healthy, active pregnancy and gave me the strength and focus required for labour and birth.

Having gained degrees in Politics and International Development, I have worked in the international education and NGO sectors. I’m passionate about human rights and social justice and I am also fascinated by anything related to living a more sustainable, ethical, healthy life and building community spirit. I am always searching for ways to combine yoga with my quest to make positive change in the world.

Yoga to me is more than just asana (although I love the way that while on the mat you can often gain deep insights about yourself off it). As well as improving our strength, flexibility and ability to deal with stress, the techniques of yoga help to develop happiness and wellbeing, self-awareness and inner peace and help us to be kinder to ourselves, others and the environment. I strongly believe that all of yoga's teachings, including the ethical guidelines and self-discipline (yamas and niyamas), are integral to living a fulfilled yogic life.

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