Emily Slonina

Peoria, AZ
United States
Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

36 Reviews

As a yoga therapist I assess imbalances and guide students accordingly. I have the training, background, knowledge and intuition to gently guide students through any necessary adjustments so everyone is able to enjoy the benefits of yoga without going beyond their boundaries.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

36 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Where have you been all my life?

Emily is a wonderful teacher.. She is not just a teacher in the studio but also a teacher of life. Emily always keeps things fresh in class! I love the way she talks about the chakras and the history of yoga, It's never overwhelming. She breaks things down in such a way that it is digestible. My favorite class that she teaches is wall yoga! I took it because I couldn't put any pressure on my wrist due to an injury and ended up falling in love with her teaching style. If you ever get to catch a class or workshop of hers you won't regret it! Emily is amazing, if you ever cross paths with her.. it is for a reason :)

Emily SloninaJuly 2, 2019

thank you Mariah! It has been a pleasure guiding you. I love sharing yoga philosophy and history. You are going to be an awesome teacher yourself very very soon...congratulations on your journey!

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"Dedicated, Experienced, Caring and Very Knowledgeable

Emily was my yoga teacher a few years ago until I moved. I recently had a private session with her to help me with a health issue. She has a very calming, soothing voice and explains and demonstrates how a certain pose or breathing is to be done properly. I was amazed that just learning to breathe properly could help my anxiety so quickly. Emily's book "Anywhere, Anytime, Any Body Yoga" has been a great reference for me. I bought it when I first met her. She has 25 years of experience and is a wonderful yoga teacher. I am looking forward to experiencing a new "wall yoga" class she is teaching. Barbara B.

Emily SloninaJune 19, 2017

thank you Barbara. It has been a pleasure. Enjoy your summer!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Emily is a very caring teacher who adjusts her class to include things that class members need. She provides explanations for how and why to use each move. She is just a fantastic person.

Emily SloninaDecember 11, 2016

Thank you Ellie. We all miss you, hope you can join us again soon!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
A Master Teacher

Emily Slonina is a dream yoga instructor. I am so grateful to her for improving every aspect of my 72-year-old life.

After more than 5 years of her classes, I still hear something new each session: she is simply a miracle worker! I feel regenerated and alive every single time I attend Emily's classes and demonstrations.

Truly, she is an amazing yoga instructor because of her knowledge, teaching techniques, professionalism, and love and respect for each and every one of her students. Ask any of her students, and they will confirm my admiration and loyalty to this wonderful teacher. We love her dearly.

Emily SloninaDecember 11, 2016

Cathy, thank you! Glad yoga renews and regenerates you. I am honored to play a small part in it.

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Great Yoga Instructor!

I have had several yoga instructors over the last 10 years and Emily is the best!

Average: 4.0 of 5 stars
The best instructor

I am 70 years old & have been going to yoga with Emily for 3 years. With no prior yoga experience, I've had no injuries and increased my flexibility, balance and core strength. Love the relaxation, spiritual & mental awareness, and sense of wellbeing achieved through Emily's class.

Emily SloninaDecember 7, 2016

Thank you Barbara. You are a great student of yoga.

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An excellent Yoga teacher

Emily is very friendly,demonstrates and explains all the moves making it easy to benefit from the exercises.She is very safety oriented and has perfect posture I enjoy all the classes

Emily SloninaDecember 7, 2016

Edward you inspire me! I hope to be still practicing yoga in 25-30 years!

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Simply the "best"!

Understands your limitations and helps you adjust your postures and practice..
Incorporates wonderful and meaningful spiritual
practices as well..

Emily SloninaDecember 7, 2016

Thank you Anna! Teacher is only as good as the student!

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Sweet Emily

Emily is a blessing to Westbrook Yoga groups. She is so knowledgeable and aware of our needs as seniors. She encourages us to move forward in our postures but always reminds us that it is our practice and to know take care of our bodies in our postures. She always sets our intentions and beginnings each session with a positive, encouraging message. I think she goes above and beyond what I would expect from a yoga instructor or any instructor. I rated her in the middle of body focused and spiritual. She is both in awareness. She is awesome!!!!!

Emily SloninaApril 27, 2016

thank you Donna, it is a great pleasure to be with you at Westbrook.

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Fun and through

Emily is serious about all aspects of yoga and this is certainly apparent and appreciated. She makes it informative as well as fun. Not always an easy task.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
versatile and experienced

Emily can draw on her knowledge and experience of many different yoga disciplines to teach her classes, making adaptations to the level and experience of her students..
Emily's demonstrations and cues are great teaching tools. From beginner to intermediate all students feel comfortable in her classes.
Emily's private lessons are a wonderful way to grow an individuals own practice.
I have practiced yoga for a number of years but never fail to learn from Emily.
I have also benefited from Emily's knowledge of various healing techniques.

Emily SloninaNovember 19, 2015
I am grateful

thank you Patricia, you are very kind. Look forward to another beautiful season sharing yoga, sound, movement, etc...

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Multi-talented Teacher!'

This yoga teacher walks her talk !

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Emily is an excellent instructor. She and her Chair yoga class have been a blessing to me.

Emily SloninaNovember 3, 2015
thank you

It has been a pleasure and hope to continue!