Emily van der Sluis


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The concept of Oxygence was founded after I experienced impersonal service when visiting other retreats. “Most retreats require you to adjust to them rather than them adjusting to you. The result is that you are following a program and paying for activities you don’t really want”. I am committed to practice healthy daily life choices and strengthening my inner connection. I became a certified yoga teacher and began to be even more interested in finding ways to allow people to experience healthy lifestyles in a place that would help them to relax and unwind. This was the spark that spawned the idea behind the Oxygence retreats. Today, I pride myself on allowing people to experience fully customizable retreats filled with healthy options and beautiful settings along with programs that help reduce stress and help everyone who attends to learn about their personal journey of well being. As I put it, the Oxygence retreats are

“Created with passion, built with love.”


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