Emma Boswell

United Kingdom
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Hi, I'm Emma; I have been practicing yoga for over 14 years. I have a background in acrobatics, dance and gymnastics. I was fortunate enough to come across dynamic yoga with the very accomplished Johnny Fincham after having my daughter as a way of getting back into shape, I am as passionate now as I was after my first session, it has quite simply changed my life.
MSKI Dynamic Yoga classes are designed for all abilities and run for either 60 or 90 minutes. My class consists of dynamic yoga postures designed to improve your strength, stamina, focus & flexibility. Dynamic yoga practice has its roots in oriental medicine, philosophy and practice, hence the language and terms used may seem unfamiliar, particularly if you’re used to other yoga disciplines. Most of the postures are, however, similar to those performed in more traditional yoga. Every class is gently crafted depending on the season, time of day or meridian that I will particularly want to stimulate or cleanse. Alternatively, the class emphases on a particular element.
Complete body conditioning, both physically and mentally. Improves concentration, flexibility & focus. The ultimate work-out for both mind & body. Stretch, tone & release. Detox & De-stress. Yoga is said to stimulate the cell renewal process with in the body. Enhancement of muscular activity, respiration, circulation and digestion will give benefits physically, psychologically and cosmetically. Skin colour and tone improve, eyes shine, posture and bearing improve. Combines the skills of concentration, patience, determination & self-control. Focus your mind to improve your ability to cope with everyday stresses of modern living. Using the ancient system of meridians to bring your body and mind into perfect balance

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