Emma Corkery


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I first started practicing yoga in 2004 and was initially attracted to the physical health benefits and the inner space created through meditation. My interest in both yoga and meditation grew steadily from that point on and really started to flourish when I was studying for my degree. This was probably the busiest time of my life so far juggling studying, working and becoming a mother but all the time I kept up a dedicated practice and felt grounded, ready and full of energy. I love that these practices change with us presenting new opportunities for growth when we are ready for them. In 2010 I started teaching children’s yoga and working with new parents and their babies. I found this so fulfilling and a lot of fun! It inspired me to train as a school teacher and share my other passions for art and creativity. I went on to train in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow with Sampoorna Yoga in India. I see Ashtanga as a beautiful moving meditation and design my Vinyasa flow classes in a more creative way using music to the enhance the mood and feel of the class experience. I run family yoga workshops and work with schools to deliver meaningful, creative experiences as well as weekly yoga and meditation adult classes. This way of working allows me to work with groups and individuals, bringing to light the real magic of the practice- the sense of connection, love and gratitude experienced when we step off the mat and let our hearts shine. My style of teaching is gentle and fun, I love to teach wearing a smile and endeavour to teach in a way that encourages people to enjoy the process without grasping at the result.


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