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My name is Emma and I’m from Sweden and I’m a certified yogateacher in a dynamic form of yoga called Virya yoga (approved by the Nordic Yoga Institute (The Nordic Yoga Institute) which is a RYS, Registered Yoga School of internationally recognized organization Yoga Alliance, USA.).

I'm a positive, loving and kind person and yoga enthusiast who loves to teach yoga. It is very important for me that my yoga students get as much out of my classes as possible, and at the end of the class feel pleased, happy and satisfied. I usually do a brief warm-up, followed by flow sequences divided into different parts, with relaxing poses at the end.

Here in Stockholm, capital city of Sweden, my classes are usually very appreciated and I get much love and gratitude back from my students. One of my yogastudents, a nice woman called Pam from Malta, sent me a kind and grateful mail where she said: “Your yoga lessons are wonderful, like a refreshing strawberry cake with a surprise bonus on the side!”

About Virya Yoga:

Virya Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga which focuses on biomechanics and breath. In the composed yoga series you will discover a fun way to practice yoga that nourishes your mind with positive, philosophical themes in each and every class.

”Virya”, is Sanskrit word for, “joy”, “happiness”, enthusiasm” or ”energy”, and the aim of Virya Yoga is to empower and energize you. Enthusiasm comes with a delightful playfulness that will hopefully inspire you to explore the landscapes of your body and mind.

The basic idea is that the easy and light-hearted nature found in Virya Yoga will guide you on the road of self-discovery to new found greatness, strength, and joy within the body-mind.

Every class consists of ten sections. Each asana is linked to the previous one, keeping your practice as healthy, strengthening, and risk free as possible. These mini-flows which include the following:

1. Warm up
2. Sun salutations
4. Balancing poses
5. Arm balancing and core-strengthening poses
6. Hip openers
7. Backbends
8. Forward folds
9. Cool down
10. Final relaxation

I would love to hear from you and connect with you, so please feel free to send a message.

I’m always looking for new yoga teacher job opportunities.

Kind regards
Emma Fredriksson

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