Emma-Jane Bunn

United Kingdom

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I started to take Yoga seriously in my late 20's, before then I'd been to a few classes here and there, but I was practicing sporadically and without much direction. I began practicing regularly as rehabilitation after a car accident in which I broke my right femur and had to have several operations to repair the damage. It had followed a period of emotional trauma, and you could say I'd emotionally and physically hit rock It was a wake-up call, and looking back, a huge turning point in my life.

So I decided to take some time out. I went to a Yoga retreat in the Portuguese Mountains and fell in love with the people there. During a heartfelt conversation with one of these people she simply said "well, maybe you're a Yogi" and from then on, the seed was planted. I went back to my life in London, but I started to practice more and as time went by, I realised she was right.

I credit Yoga with positively changing the relationship I have with my body and enabling me to move through my life with a clearer mind, through teaching I hope to help others to find the same connection with themselves. I completed my Hatha Yoga 200hr Teacher Training qualification in Mysore India with Noah McKenna.

I have a keen interest in Mindfulness; it’s applications in managing stress and it’s scientifically proven effects on the brain. I apply Mindfulness-based techniques to my teaching and I encourage my students to practice with self-inquiry, curiosity, and compassion.


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