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United Kingdom

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I teach weekly yoga classes, termly workshops, private one to one tuition and a yoga retreat to Marrakesh, Morocco and Goa, started attending yoga classes 12 years ago when I was training to become a social worker, I was finding the course stressful and found myself in my first very relaxing yoga class with a kind and very warm 70+ year old yoga teacher.

I came out of the first yoga class feeling what I described as “floaty and light”, my mind felt so clear and I was able to “switch off”. This was something I had always struggled with, even as a child I found it hard to go to get off to sleep. I continued to practice most weeks throughout my training and enjoy the movement, meditation and relaxation aspect of the classes.

Following the completion of my studies in 2010 I went on to work in social work and my first job was, I was incredibly stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. I pretty much burnt out in 8 months and left the profession for a period of time, one of the things that kept me going throughout this difficult period was attending my weekly yoga classes with a new yoga teacher who was very kind and generous yoga teacher and also 70+ years of age.

My yoga practice has remained a constant in my life keeping be balanced throughout many years of challenging and stressful jobs in social care and social this same time I was not feeling fulfilled or satisfied with my life and I had thought about backpacking and seeing the world for several years, but I had not been brave enough to do so.

Eventually after several years of thinking about it and not doing it, I traveled solo around South East Asia for 5 and half months and this gave me a new found confidence in what was possible and the ability to do something new and scary and be OK.

On my return from this life changing experience I knew that I had to make a change in careers and teaching yoga was something I had thought about, although I was not sure it was something I would be able to do. I knew I wanted to help people and share this practice with others.

In 2014 I traveled to Goa in India to complete my Yoga teacher training 200 hours qualification with Trimurti yoga and on my return have taught ever since.


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