Emma Landolt

United Kingdom

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I am a dedicated and experienced yoga teacher and practitioner, passionate about teaching the
art, science and philosophy of yoga.
I have been practising yoga since 2005, beginning my journey with Iyengar Yoga to help heal a rotator cuff injury. I was hugely inspired by the transformative healing effects on my body as my practise deepened. Since then I have moved towards a more dynamic Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow style of yoga.
My background in dance and the Brazilian artform of Capoeira has infused my yoga with the joy of physical movement.
I use this passion to create dynamic, challenging, dance-like sequences,
which I guide students through gracefully, joining the movements with the breath and creating a feeling of lightness, ease and relaxation.
In my classes, alongside the powerful Ashtanga based sequences, I use Yin Yoga to soften, open and restore the body, Pranayama (breathwork) practises to calm the mind and energise the nervous system and Yoga Nidra techniques of intention, philosophy and deep relaxation.
My classes encourage awareness both mentally and physically, and create a positive, nurturing and joyful environment for students to experiment and transform through their yoga practice.


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