Emma Peel

United Kingdom

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Emma believes Yoga is for everybody and everybody. Specialising in Yin Yoga, Meditation and Yin Yang with influences from Taoism, Buddhist traditions, Indian Philosophy and her current Acupuncture studies, Emma is interested in where these traditions meet and how these teachings have the potential of coming alive in the body, in modern life and in a way that is inclusive and accessible to everyone.

Emma encourages learning through experience, the courage to move outside limiting ideas in the reality that we all move, feel, breath and think differently that ultimately influences the ways in which we move into our own worlds and out in the world.

Her classes are an intelligently woven fabric in which we cultivate the tools to meet ourselves more openly where the practice of intimacy has the freedom to come to life.

Teaching with passion and love, Emma creates both a physical and inner journey through being present and awake. A registered ‘Chartered Level 2 Teacher and Trainer’ with Yoga Alliance Professionals, Emma brings over 3000 hours of teaching experience through almost 9 years of teaching Yoga and over 1000 hours of certificated study into each and every practise space.

Emma is committed to continued study, returning to California each year for for studies with her teachers Paul and Suzee Grilley as well as committing each year to at least two other immersive teacher trainings.

She has also undertaken certificated studies with Sarah Powers, Michael Stone, The Yoga People, With-Yin Yoga, Seane Corn, Shiva Rae, Edward Clarke and Yoga London.


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