Emmaline Turley

Fremantle WA

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I’m Emmaline and I moved from a beautiful seaside town in North West England to the wonderful, vibrant ocean city of Fremantle in Western Australia in September 2012.

I teach Seasonal Vinyasa Yoga classes in Perth and run workshops and retreats in England, Australia, Bali and Europe.

Weekly Class Timetable:

Tuesday: 6-7am LiVe in North Fremantle

Wednesday: 6.30-7.30am Mandala at Leighton Beach
4-5pm University of Western Australia

Thursday: 6-7am LiVe in North Fremantle
6-7.30pm The Raw Kitchen in Fremantle

Friday: 7.30-8.30am Mandala in North Fremantle
12-1pm Murdoch University

Saturday: 9-10am The Raw Kitchen in Fremantle


Week of December 5TH

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