Emmanuel (Manny) Nicandro

Fort Worth, TX
United States

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Hi my name is Manny! I started my yoga journey in 2012 through mediation and exploration of the mind. Even as a child I was interested in our innate human capabilities and potential. For a number of years I focused on developing key essential life skills such as visualization, concentration, and will power through yogic philosophy and exercises. In 2016 I developed an asana/movement practice and found a strong desire to share what I was learning. I took my first teacher training in the same year. If I can sum up my teaching style in a few words it would be intentional, informative and fun. I provide heavy focus on breath and alignment so I'm confident you will walk away with a new found awareness of your mind and body after every class. My aim is to provide a more practical approach to your yoga practice, helping you use your body to it's fullest potential. For more info follow website link, Thanks


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