Emme Evans

Stockbridge, GA
United States

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The spark for my lifelong desire of helping people feel better in their own bodies started in my early 20s after a lower back surgery in 1993 which was the end result of 2 years of excruciating pain, which felt like a lifetime to me. No physical therapy attempts or conventional conservative (non-invasive) approaches yielded any betterment. The medical prognosis after surgery was that I most likely would not be able to get back to my athletic activities the way I was used to. That was the moment I knew I had to get out there and participate actively in my own body’s healing.
So I embarked on a lifelong journey of healing and found a deep passion for the human anatomy and its biomechanics. I love learning how our bodies influence the way we feel and what decisions we make in our lives. I found that with understanding and conscious awareness of our postural alignment and the way we move (or not move) through our daily lives, we have not only the power to feel great in our bodies, but to influence our mind, our spirit and our heart as well. And isn’t this ultimately the foundation to health and happiness and the peace of mind all of us are looking for?
More than two decades later, I have proven my doctors wrong and found the ancient art of YOGA along the way. I joyfully blend an ancient Body, Mind and Spirit philosophy with techniques of modern movement science and mental training and passionately follow my gift that has guided me from the beginning.
I am a teacher, a coach, a mentor, a trainer and a lifelong researcher who cares deeply about giving my students and clients in each and every session something they can take home and apply into their lives. I call them “tiny wheels”, that we set into motion (movement) together. Some are physical, some are mental, some are spiritual…
I believe those tiny wheels have an impact on our lives and the power to change the trajectory of how we live those lives, into a different direction, if only applied with understanding, patience, passion and a heart that is determined.
The Emme Factor is the result of my life’s journey and my client’s stories, which keep amazing me… they are daily proof that everybody is uniquely special and nothing works for everybody the same way. And that with guidance and awareness there is a path for all of us to healing, happiness, success, love and peace…


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