Enid Trinidad

Wilmington, IL
United States

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I was introduced to yoga in 2003 while practicing Tae Kwon Do. Although I enjoyed the feeling of empowerment the martial art offered, it was the steady flow of breath and movement in yoga that captured my heart. From that first Hatha yoga class I felt an incredible sense of peace, calmness, and serenity. This way of “being” was new and exciting and I immediately knew that yoga would become an important practice in my life.

Working as a software programmer for a large international printing company for 9 years while raising a son as a single mom kept me very busy, but my love of yoga kept me wanting more! After many years as a student, and being released from my software programming position, I decided it was time to take the next step and become a yoga instructor. I became certified in December of 2015 and have been teaching classes at Abundant Life Fellowship church as well as at the Wilmington Island Park District both located in Wilmington, IL. I am also working towards opening my own yoga studio in Coal City so be on the look out for more info or visit for updates.

My yoga philosophy is, “Your body has all the power it needs to heal and strengthen itself.” I believe when you come to a yoga class your pride, ego and all expectations of yourself gets left at the door. Come to yoga as you are now, believing that your body desires to heal and strengthen, honoring your body and any limitations you may have. Anyone can do yoga. And once a person lets go of the faulty thinking that you have to be a certain size, shape, age, or have immense flexibility, you can experience the many wonderful health benefits that a yoga practice can bring.


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