Erdinc Ajredinovski

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I started doing yoga in my mid twenties, because I felt very rigid in my body, and that I needed to find inner peace. Soon, one yoga class a week, became a daily routine at Hamsa. This continued for several years, until I decided to aspire towards being a yoga teacher, and did a teacher training in 2013. Many inner and outer journeys later I started teaching, and it feels like the most natural part of my yogic path.

Since 2008 I have been working as a physical therapist, but I recently decided to quit as my job in rehabilitation, to dive deeper in to my practice of yoga. With a background in physical therapy I naturally have a lot of emphasis on alignment of the body. To me alignment is about guiding the body into safe poses, that also feel good to you.

My teachings:
I typically teach all levels of Hatha and Gentle Hatha, and occasional I also teach a Vinyasa class. Besides good alignment, some of the other essences in my teaching is to bring the spirit into the process of meditating with the body. Yoga, to me, is an inner calling towards a way of existing in the world. A way that is more clean, pure and open. Especially the gentle classes will be more focused on the inner landscapes. I will guide you through supported, healing poses in a soft flow, with focus on the breath.

I also do bodywork - mainly massages and one-to-one yoga of my hobbies are also making mala's, that you might find at Hamsa. A mala is a prayer-bead with 108 beads, and is used to count sacred mantra, as part of your yoga and meditation practice. I use mantra on my classes from time to time. Read more about my mala's on my Facebook site: Blissumalas.


Average: 4.7 of 5 stars

3 Reviews

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In my heart space...

Erdinc is a loving and kind soul with lots of energy and enthusiasm. He makes me feel comfortable and safe to play around and do crazy stuff.. What's not to like? I highly recommend that you take a class with him!

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Always centered and smiling

Erdinc is an extraordinary teacher - passionate about his art and his students. He encourages you to push your limits but allows you to find those limits yourself. I even managed to do a handstand - not well - but I did it. Many thanks yogi man.

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Favourite yoga teacher

Erdinc is one of my few favourite yoga teachers. He has a profound knowledge on the physical and mental body and brings a very loving and kind energy to every class❤️ His classes must be experienced in order to understand exactly what it is, makes them so special.