Eric Betz

Chesterfield, MO
United States

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My background stems from the fitness world. I have been a personal trainer for several years now and a performance athlete my whole life. After numerous injuries, car accidents, and concussions, I found myself struggling with strength and conditioning, resistance training and overall well-being. A few years ago I was lead to yoga and instantly saw and experienced the benefits in my first class. Breath work, meditation, and a dance-like weaved in one practice. Yoga is and can be as physical a practice as any other I have found, and as well, restorative and rejuvenating. In less than a year, I was completing my first teacher training, an approved Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Vinyasa training. In less than two, I was completing my 500th class taught. The one constant I find in my practice is realizing the everyday student that I am, always searching for a new teacher or method, always curiously exploring. Although I tend to offer a very physically demanding class, I will always incorporate breathe, intention and mindfulness of one's self. As well, anatomical alignment and the utmost safety are always observed and encouraged. My classes will open you up, lift you up, challenge and test , wind down and let you release, so you can feel renewed and stress free.


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