Eric Ganassin

Victoria, BC

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Namaste! I founded Full Lotus Yoga in 2011. I understood then that teaching yoga is the best possible use of my abilities - including a clear use of words, a love of music, the ability to relax others, and a clear understanding of complex systems like the body. I'm a YA certified teacher and yoga is my passion and my purpose, in both my career and in my life.

I draw upon 15 years of study and practice when I teach. In every class I adjust the challenge level, pose selection and class pace to suit the students who arrive. I work to help everyone improve their abilities a little (or a lot) with every class, reaching eyes with demos, ears with words, bodies with assists, thoughts with knowledge, and feelings with relaxed energy. I also work to enable and empower self-practice, giving students the tools and knowledge to advance without depending on any teacher.

Yoga has an amazing power to promote human potential; it heals and strengthens the body, mind and spirit. It's an honour to be working in this field, and helping others find health and peace and joy in this crazy and beautiful world.


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