Erica Noelani

Las Vegas, NV
United States

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Aloha yogis and yoginis, my name is Erica Noelani, but those closest to me call me Noelani, which is preferred.

I am a Hawaii born, Vegas raised yoga, pranayama and meditation teacher living in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am very passionate about empowering students to find their connection to Spirit within through multiple avenues of yoga including (not limited to) asana, meditation, pranayam, tantra, sacred sexuality, Reiki, law of attraction, Bhakti yoga, Kirtan, and so much more.

I have taught at many of the studios around the Las Vegas Valley including recently in Lake Las Vegas.

I have since moved back to the city and now teach out of an intimate at-home yoga studio space in my personal temple.

I would love to connect with more yoga/meditation/spiritual teachers as well as students who are interested in connecting with me and coming to check out my unique style of teaching.

I infuse all of my classes with the multiple styles and schools I have learned and practiced, based on the individual and group needs of the energy present at the time. I also include Reiki (Divine Source energy channeling/healing) meditation/pranayama and sound healing.

I enjoy singing and sharing my own mantra music (as well as covers) in my yoga classes and around town as part of conscious events and gatherings. I close out my yoga classes with a seranade and song either on my ukulele, acapella or with another instrument.

I would love to share more of my yoga with you! Please feel free to connect with me. Namaste and Aloha <3




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