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Creator of atom yoga, I am certified as a teacher in Kripalu yoga and the Feldenkrais Method. A strong believer in continuing education.

atom yoga is a unique blend of Kripalu yoga, Feldenkrais methodology and meditation techniques, aiming to gradually release the practitioner from the somatic and mental patterns and automatisms that confine him.

atom yoga is a secular practice, aiming at the empowerment of the practitioner by providing useful tools for the daily, busy and highly competitive life in modern times.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

I have been Erifily's student for 5 years and probably will remain one for as long as she keeps practicing yoga at her studio. I like her style of teaching because unlike other yoga instuctors she does not cultivate any feeling of competition among her students. Yoga is not a circus she says, it is not about struggling who will make the best stunts or who will stay longer in balance.


During her class, each asana/posture is built gradually, according to each student's level and she gives thorough instructions and useful advice on how to avoid injuries. I really enjoy the fact that she keeps the size of her student group small and that she is in constant search of new ideas/trends which might supplement the core repertoire of poses. Last but not least, I am happy to discover that through her yoga teaching I have expanded the limits of my body, while at the same time achieving the most relaxed state of mind.
Yoga student, not an "acrobat".