Erika Cristina Azkue Freitas


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I am an Ayurveda therapist and a Yoga teacher from Venezuela. Currently, I am living in Madeira Island, Portugal since last 15 years and working as a Yoga teacher, Ayurveda therapist, Naturopath, Physiotherapist Assistant and currently I´m study Chinese Medicine in Pedro Choi University. I started my first Yoga experience when I was at the age of 3 years through my oldest sister who experienced how the body of a baby are flexible through some baby Asana (Body consciousness position). She knew the baby have cartilage and not bones. That helped me to be hyper flexible. Few years later, Yoga was introduced to my life through my dad. When he got seriously ill, then my uncle advised him to change his lifestyle. After that, my father introduced our family to practice Yoga/Mediation and vegetarian diet.
We started with the holy knowledge of Ananda marga Association which was founded by Sri Sri Ananda Murti who was a Guru from India, We were privileged to be taught by some monks who learnt from the Guru. That was my first entrance to this world of spiritual practice. When I came to Madeira with my parents, the land of my mother, I continued my studies in Yoga with AETO (associacao de terapia orientais) with Paulo Hayes for 3 years to be a Yoga therapist. To continue my passion in Yoga, I came to know about a famous Yoga teacher Godfrey Devereux and I liked his lineage of Dynamic Yoga and studied with him for 2 years. I went to several places to follow his lectures and update my knowledge. Formally, I started to teach Yoga since 2009.
I can say, Yoga changed my life and also introduced me to the science of Life Ayurveda. I came to know about Ayurveda from Orlando Miguel Figueriredo during my Yoga study in Lisbon for the first time. I was fascinated with this interesting sister science of Yoga. I continued my impulse to study Ayurveda to add knowledge. I was introduced to a famous Ayurveda doctor from India, Dr. Jeevan who is currently practicing in Germany. I attended different Ayurveda courses with him and went to Germany and south India for the theoretical and practical exposure to Ayurveda. It helps me to shape my career to be a Ayurveda therapist.
Further, my fascination about the human existence made me to do some courses of health care like technique and auxiliary of Physiotherapist, Naturopathy and lymphatic drainage. I want to continue my education to add knowledge in Natural science like Traditional Chinese medicine & Ayurveda. Till I am alive, I think I will never stop. “Since I can feel this strong power running through my body & soul I love to share the open access towards the source of life as long as I will be living”.


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