Erika Lawal

United Kingdom

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Erika’s first foray into yoga was via a supply teacher at primary school, when aged 11, she discovered the intense focus required to become a tree, a pose later recognised as vrkasana. Fast forward to adolescence and hours spent secretly practising yoga with the help of a popular daytime yoga TV show. However, she was eventually seduced by supposedly more hardcore sporting activities such as rowing, running and bodybuilding and didn’t begin to take yoga seriously until she suffered a herniated (“slipped”) disc as an adult.

Far from being a soft option, Erika discovered that yoga could be every bit as challenging as anything else she’d ever done. Not only that, as a practising psychotherapist of many years’ standing, she saw yoga’s potential for helping manage a range of stress, mood and mental health symptoms. She’s fascinated by the endless possibilities open to us all as students of yoga and is keen to find ways to communicate its vibrancy and relevance in ways that make sense in our modern, Western world. While ever grateful for the lineage and teaching provided by the founding fathers of yoga, she’s equally keen to explore new interpretations and to develop a few of her own! Each meeting with the many teachers she has met along the way has given Erika that little bit extra to work with, for which she is eternally grateful.

Music is enormously important to Erika and is quite literally, the heartbeat to any yoga (other than ashtanga) class taught by her. Come with an open mind and leave lifted and with an open heart.


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