Erika Tourell

Notting Hill Gate
United Kingdom
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I am a fully qualified yoga teacher drawing experience from many different styles of yoga - hatha: Iyengar, Sivananda, astanga, yin/yang, restorative, pranayama, mantra, mudra, bandha, kriya, meditation and yoga nidra, pre and post natal.

I offer calm, clear instruction in a spiritual atmosphere. You are always encouraged to work to your own level, honour your own body and take rest/make modifications where appropriate. I work intuitively from my heart and weave a creative tapestry of enriching practices which facilitate connection, self love and self enquiry.

I have also been working as a bodywork therapist for over twenty five years which gives me a working knowledge of how and where bodies hold tension and how to offer postures which will bring release, better alignment with improved energy flow.

One of my greatest passions in life is holding retreats to allow people to journey deeper into themselves for healing and awakening. I offer retreats about four or five times a year to places of outstanding natural beauty in the UK and all over the world. Please enquire if you would like more information.

I teach regular classes in north, west and south London and I also offer private sessions of yoga and bodywork in the privacy of your own home. Please enquire for more details.

I am eternally grateful to all my teachers for helping me to grow on this journey through Life of continuous learning and surrender to Grace.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

33 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Erika is a brilliant teacher

I like the way Erika takes you deep into meditation whilst doing yoga, focussing on use of the breath.

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Fantastic pregnancy yoga class

Erika was so sincere and genuine with her speech and teaching. The pace of the class was fantastic and the setting of the room was great- we sat in a circle in a bright airy room. I felt comfortable and calm. Her style of teaching was wonderful and we did yoga nidra at the end which was a lovely surprise ending to the class. Erika is also a very generous teacher- sharing her knowledge and personal experience as we had a brief chat after class.

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Erika is the best

I love Erika’s classes because she is so present and my body and mind feels open and relaxed. I am going on Erika’s yoga retreat in Goa in January and will be looking forward to it all year.

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Simply Beautiful and Powerful

Spending time in Erika’s yoga class is like giving your whole body/internal organs/mind and soul a stretch and a rest at the same time. She holds the space incredibly well and allows magic to happen in her classes.
The music she chooses complements the feel of her teaching and when I leave, I can feel every atom of my being thanking me for the gift that is Erika’s Yoga class.
100% recommended

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Erika is the best

I have been to several of Erika's retreats. She has taught me the meaning of Yoga. There is so much to say about her classes, influence of thoughts, her in person. I dont think I will ever change to a different teacher. She is too good and I would not risk it. Everyday is different. Poses, song, students that follow her, explaining, guiding both in the way you do the excercises and how your brain works trough poses, breathing, meditation etc. The week is so rich and diverse, and Even the different retreats. She looks at the group and manage to create a great escape for all people at all levels of experience and expectations. I give Erika my best recommendations. Sincerely, Caroline

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Erika is an awesome teacher of 3 key styles of yoga

Erika is an awesome teacher of Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and Yin Yoga, which she blended together beautifully into a week long journey of spiritual exploration on the retreat I attended in Turkey. I felt truly blessed to have been part of this experience, which I booked last minute, and having never done her class before I had no idea what to expect.


I have been practising for many years, and teaching myself now for 5 years, so I always have high hopes for my yoga teachers, and look for those who's biographies show they have a wealth of experience to share. Still, one can never be sure what the experience will be like. The retreat turnd out to be better than I could have hoped. Erika successfully created a safe and spiritual space for us all to explore our yoga journey with her, which was filled with fun and laughter and even a good moonlit dance under the stars. There was a wonderful group of people, some of whom were her regular students, and others, like me, who had come along for the first time. I'm still in touch with Erika and some of the group years later.

I would highly recommend Erika's retreats to any yogi, beginners and experienced yogis alike, looking for a retreat with a spiritual edge, but still filled with fun.

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Exceptional teacher

Erika has been one of my main teachers for over 10 years. She is a true inspiration and completely devoted to her path. An exceptional teacher with over 25 years of practice and studies. I would highly recommend her to anyone

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my no1

and has been for many years - never the same class twice - always relevant ot the participants and the day..

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Loveliest yoga teacher ever

I have been doing Erika’s Sunday class since 2008 and been on retreat with her a couple of times. First thing to say is she a lovely, good-hearted person. Very friendly, and tries to look after everyone in her class. Her classes have evolved over the years and it is really hard to categorise her style. Personally, I don’t care much for categorisation, all I can say is that I feel better coming out of her classes than going in. They are often a bit of everything, and I really like that. They are also pretty chilled so not really high intensity. Most important they create a bit of inner space and can’t ask for much more than that. Highly recommended.

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First rate Yoga Teacher

Erika is a wise, thoughtful and experienced yoga teacher who gives perfect clear instruction, plays wonderful music and who's voice can calm you into a deep mediative state. After regular sessions with her, your body feels longer, lither and more flexible.

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My best experience doing yoga

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Great teacher...great soul

If you get opportunity to have class or even better a one on one training with Erika take it....

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Erika's teaching

Erika's teaching is exactly what I need every week to keep my energy balanced. I love the combination of mantra and asana's. I have been on one of her retreats and am very keen to do more.

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Retreat, relax and renew

If you want to feel nourished, in safe hands and you want to have fun, and do yoga, go on a retreat with Erika. If it's for a day, a weekend or a week you'll feel better for it. Guaranteed. She always finds the best places, serves the best food and attracts the best people. Erika is a very experienced teacher with a multi-disciplinary approach. She will encourage and support your yoga practice and you'll come away feeling rested and rejuvenated.

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Amazing and enriching experience every time

Erika is a wonderful teacher! Full of wisdom and spiritual depth. I wish I was close enough to attend her classes weekly! The times that I have participated have been profound.

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I'm blessed to have found Erika!

In my hectic world of 'always on' a dose of Erika is literally the only thing that grounds me and brings me back into me. I leave a retreat feeling strong, confident and completely recalibrated - she somehow gives me superpowers! I am 100% confident that her practice is safe and best for my body and on top of that her spiritual authenticity releases my mind. She is an extraordinary teacher that I wish I could spend more time with ..

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One of the best

Erika is a brilliant teacher. I've attended both her classes and retreats. She lives what she teaches and radiates goodness. I always leave both having learned something but also connected with a part of myself that fills me with peace and light.

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An Erika Tourell Yoga Retreat Is Not To Be Missed!

Erika is a wonderful yoga teacher. Her classes and retreats are a brilliant combination of creative and inspirational yoga with a spiritual element. She's very responsive to the needs and preferences of each group and adjusts her style and approach accordingly so that there is the appropriate balance of bodywork and pranayama. She's highly experienced and will combine a range of different styles so that the sessions are always varied and enjoyable. Spending time with Erika on a retreat is always a joy - as well as being a brilliant yoga teacher she's great fun and we have shared many laughs.

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Continuous inspiration

Erika Tourell continues to be a huge inspiration for me, both in my yoga practice and in my life. Her retreat offers an amazing opportunity to go deeper, within many of the aspects of yoga and within yourself. The setting, the food and drink and the people offers a truly magnificent framework around a week of deep mind-body experiences that will resonate for a long time after the retreat has ended. I can't wait to be back :)

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Erika's retreats

I have been lucky enough to join Erika on 2 of her retreats and I can honestly say that both were wonderful.... Erika is such a beautiful soul, inside and out and she brings such spiruality and love to the practice. We have laughed, cried, opened our hearts and I leave her retreats feeling a more whole person, with my spirit lifted and my body supple! Simply, she's wonderful.

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Simply the best

I first met Erika at 28 weeks pregnant when other teachers wanted gentle pregnancy yoga. Erika accepted me on a weeks retreat and offered simple modifications to her classes for me so I felt part of the physical as well as total immersion into the spiritual side. A year later and another retreat and I could spend forever listing to Erika's voice. I'll be back....

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Born to Teach Yoga

Whenever I think of strength I always think of Erika. Our paths only cross every few years but when they do I am very grateful. If you need to go on a safe journey, whether through meditation, yoga or breathing practices then Erika has the knowledge, understanding and intuition to travel alongside and guide you. Erika is completely accepting, non judgemental and offers a gentle guiding hand at just the right moment. What more could you want.

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Erika is the best!

Over the last 25 years or so I've had many yoga teachers, Erika is one of my all-time favourites. She's knowledgeable, relaxed, supportive and real. Her classes flow effortlessly but have a deep, intense effect on the body and mind. She is deeply spiritual and also funny and approachable - the perfect combo. I would, and do, recommend her to everyone.

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The best yoga teacher

I've been practising with Erika for over 7 years now and she has been instrumental in my growing love of yoga. She embodies the true spirit of yoga and some of my best times have been spent on the mat in her company be it in Spain, England, Turkey or Morocco.

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Erika is an inspiring teacher and as someine came late to yoga,I have learned so much and love her classes