Erin Beckman

Indianapolis, IN
United States

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Erin walked into her first yoga class with a long list of things to do, goals to accomplish and meetings to attend. She battled with high stress and lacked real connection. When the class ended, she walked out feeling the weight lifted and noticed a genuine sense of peace and presence within her. Amazed at the shift in perspective, she sought yoga out on a weekly basis finding that on her mat she rediscovered more of her authentic self and developed a sense of mindfulness that carried her through her day. Inspired by the benefits of yoga, Erin earned her certification under the beautiful light of Nikki Myers, Marsha Pappas and Dave Sims at CITYOGA School of yoga and health. She believes in creating space to find strength, balance, clarity, purpose and self-love. She teaches vinyasa, restorative and children's yoga with a focus on awareness, breath and unity on and off the mat. Erin knows no stranger and welcomes all.