Erin Clemons

Arthur, IL
United States

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I am an RYT-200 with Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga influences, as well as a certified children's yoga instructor.

For me, yoga first served as a reprieve. A reprieve from what, you ask? Well, from everything. I don’t say that to give the impression that I only partake in yoga as means of an escape, but rather to better illustrate just how much of a saving grace my practice has been and will continue to be, undoubtedly.

There are so few arenas in life anymore in which you can just come as you are and be as you are. Yoga is just that. There are rules and expectations in life; the risk of not being able to deliver upon that which you attempt to undertake. It isn’t just external pressure either. It’s the self-deprecating voice inside that waits with bated breath for you to fail. Yoga doesn’t make that voice go away entirely, in fact I have found that the more my practice has deepened the more relentless the egoic chatter has become. The difference is yoga has taught me to connect back to Self, to true Self. It does not change the facts or the outcomes but it does change me…every day.

There are times when I feel empowered by my practice and other times when I am humbled by it. Maybe one day I’m off-balance; maybe I’m unfocused or caught in an unguarded moment of vulnerability on my mat. Yoga strengthens me physically, yes, but I go back to my mat time and time again out of a sense of reverence. What will yoga make me feel or see today that I could not feel or see yesterday? What layer of myself so carefully crafted by my ego is being exposed through my practice?

This is what I hope to bring to you – an arena that serves as a safe space – one that will connect you to a side of yourself that awaits, arms open in every moment of every day.




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