Erin Finck

Athens, OH
United States

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I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years. I was drawn to it ever since I was a young child and I have practiced a variety of styles from various teachers and studios all over the country. It has now become a way of life.

My classes are designed for beginners to more experienced yogis who prefer a more gentle practice. I aspire to guide participants in a way that they can become more present in their practice, and to feel completely integrated with body, mind, and spirit.

I engage in regular study and practice to continue to grow my knowledge and skill as an instructor. Yoga has given me an immeasurable sense of peace and I am excited to share the gift of yoga for anyone who may benefit from that sense of peace as well.

I currently facilitate trauma-informed classes for women in recovery and I am available to offer additional classes in these and similar settings. Feel free to contact me with any interest and we can discuss options that might be best for your needs. I am available for corporate wellness programs as well.


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