Erin Peddle

Framingham, MA
United States

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I began practicing yoga regularly at a particularly trying and pivotal point in my life. What started out as mostly a physical practice became so much more. Through a consistent practice I grew stronger physically, emotionally, and mentally. I developed body and mind awareness, and a sense of that space where the two can meet. Most importantly I grew to know and love the real me and to be unafraid to show that person to the world.
My style is vinyasa based, emphasizing connecting the breath with mindful movements. I love to incorporate music and pranayama in my classes. My classes can be challenging, but modifications are always offered. I encourage all students to make the practice their own by doing or not doing what is right for them in any given moment.
I also teach kids classes and love it! Getting kids started at a young age in yoga has so many benefits - exercise, improved digestion, better sleep, body awareness, tools to deal with emotions, increased self the list goes on!


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