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I have been practicing yoga since 1997. I instantly fell in love with yoga: with standing still and sweating, with not moving but moving, with needing nothing but my body, mind, breath, with becoming more and more and always more aware of myself and of life. I was first attracted to the physical side of yoga and how through the asana practice my busy mind and heart could find peace and stillness (even if that peace and stillness doesn’t always last long). With time, as my practice evolves and deepens, I find myself more and more drawn to the way of yoga, to yoga as a lifestyle, to the beauty and clarity of its philosophy and to making the commitment to living yoga each day in all that I do. Meditation has become integral part of my daily yoga practice.
My classes vary from relaxing and restorative yoga through still but challenging Yin classes to dynamic flowing Hatha (yang) class. I take into account the abilities and levels of my students and aim to create classes that both support and challenge them. I honour each individual's skeletal variations and each individual practice safely and fruitfully. There is a lot of laughter in my classes. I also teach Mindfullness Meditation classes.

In all my classes, I encourage my students to connect with the moment at hand. Yoga class is a time to feel into what is happening in this moment and to connect with it. The postures are there to support us through building strength, increasing flexibility, and harvesting energy. We take this gathered strength and clarity, and bring it with us as we meet our daily challenges and joys.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

2 Reviews

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