Eskil Schilling

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Main teacher Shri Sharath Jois.

Other teachers who taught and inspired me through time are Mark and Joanne Darby, Susanna Finocchi, David Robson, Laruga Glaser, Richard Freeman, Tim Miller, Petri Räisänen, Tim Feldmann and Kino MacGregor.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

8 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Very dedicated teacher, I really enjoy having Eskil guiding and adjusting me.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
A smile that stays with you through out the day...

I´ll always seem to find my way back to this special place. And every time I´ll get greeted with a smile :-)
Eskil and his team respects me, my body and my mind. Always expecting the best I can do at that day, but at the same time also respects and without telling them knows my limits.
Astanga yoga studio for me is a place where I by "just" breathing and doing my practice is left with a feeling of being good enough. They encourage me to be the best and strongest version of me.

My warmest recommendations to you and your team Eskil...

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I find that Eskil is a very good and experienced astangayoga teacher.

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So much more than just asana.

Eskil gave me my very first yoga-lesson, and i'm still a dedicated student of his. Through him i've been introduced to not only the asana practice, but also the rich background and philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga. He's the real deal, and the way he's focused on preserving the tradition is truly inspiring. In the asana-practice he knows what i need as a student, and how to handle my personality. He's requiring - but respectful, which for me, is the perfect combination.

Being a good teacher, only comes from being a good student - and this guy has, and are still doing his homework! He walks the talk, and i'm grateful that Eskil was my first meeting with yoga, and now - way of life.

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Best teacher ever!

Eskil is the best teacher ever! He is so far the most dedicated teacher I have had. Being good at explaining postures and having high expectations to his students. The part that I am most happy about is his friendly attitude and his incredible attention to detail when adjusting postures. My best recommendations to Eskil :)

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Strongly dedicated

Eskil is strongly dedicated in the practice as well in the history, philosophy and spiritual part - in short, big dedication all the way around. I especially love when we gets a little bit of reading and interpretation of the philosophy, after a guided primary. My best recommendations to Eskil.

Eskil SchillingMay 27, 2013
Lovely person, lovely practice

Thank you for the sweet words and it’s always a pleasure to witness your attentive precise practice.

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Super teacher and a warm and patient person

I love going to Eskild’s classes. He makes me feel good about yoga and helps me a lot in developing my poses. Eskild has a lot of knowledge and I have great confidence in him.

Eskil SchillingMay 27, 2013
Super kind and very diligent practitioner

Thank you and it’s a pleasure to have your daily company and see how your practice develops.

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Great educator and coach

Having practised astanga yoga with Eskil for 1½ years I have become very fond of his calm attitude combined with his high expectations with his students. If you want a yoga teacher who is a great coach and wants you to develop physically and mentally Eskil is the answer for you. If you want pure relaxation and no challenges go to someone else.

Eskil SchillingMay 27, 2013
Dedicated, sincere practitioner

Love the way you listen and absorb and try and try again. It’s a joy to work with such a dedicated, sincere practitioner. Seen you on the mat again and again.