Esther Nijdam


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In my student days, I took my first yoga class at a gym: power yoga. The group classes and cardio exercises became less and less interesting. Until my yoga teacher told me that I needed to focus on my breathing. No music, no tv on my cross trainer, nothing. Just you and your breath. This experience, and the quietness it provided, was such a revelation to me, that I decided to focus on yoga entirely.

Once in Amsterdam, working as an accessories designer, I met Pieter Thoenes, who, from his Iyengar background, insisted upon a proper postural alignment and not taking yoga as the most serious thing on earth. Pieter inspired me tremendously with his enthusiasm and humor. In his classes, practicing yoga felt like playing. Unfortunately, he passed away a few years ago.

Some years later, CANS made my practice impossible. No strength in my arms anymore, accompanied by nerve pain. After many visits to various therapists, I discovered Critical Alignment Therapy (CAT) and soon after that, I was able to participate in the regular CA Yoga classes. Critical Alignment made me regain the strength and space in my body ánd mind. Something I wish for everybody. That's what drives me to be a yoga teacher :)


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