Estrella Munoz

Orlando, FL
United States
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Estrella Munoz, E-RYT

Estrella was introduced to yoga in her teens. Though she was a spiritually curious child, meditating as early as 12 years old for hours at a time, it was not until several years after her first warrior 2 that she began her consistent practice. Estrella has always recognized yoga for the healing and harmonious aspects of the practice and shares this with her students today. A student of Vipassana meditation, which has influenced her teaching as she incorporates this, reiki and techniques on mindful living into her classes. Understanding everyone is on a path and process of their own, this ashtanga influenced, Soul Sweat Asana trained instructor combines traditional teachings with an accessible approach. Challenging students to not only push themselves to their limits but also to practice discipline and patience with themselves. Estrella thanks her many teachers with special gratitude to Wendy Gross Pinto of The Yoga and Healing Center.

Estrella has taught in studios and fitness centers in Rochester New York, New York City and New Jersey. She co-founded My Om Town Yoga and has since helped several yoga programs start up in different communities. Students range from post operative and those new to yoga as well as advanced practitioners and students with special needs. Estrella leads a Yoga Alliance Accredited 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training Program and has come together with her sister Denise Munoz who has been a life long spiritual companion on her personal journey. As a hands-on instructor with intense focus on alignment and breath. She is passionate about helping others to connect with their highest potential while facilitating a space to heal themselves and others through this powerful practice.

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