Eszter Farkas

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I have been regularly doing yoga since 2006, and noticed that I had an increased need for very focused practice whenever I was going through a more challenging period in my life.

Balancing poses have proved to be especially indicative of where I was at mentally, emotionally and physically. I have found that the dynamic and at times strenuous practice of asanas brings me solace, strength, calmness and balance, and it has also opened me up to regular meditation.

I have attended mostly ashtanga, vinyasa flow and hatha classes in Hungary, Sudan and Ghana, and I am grateful to all my teachers who brought discipline, love, technical knowledge and shared their spirituality along the way.

Completing a 200-hour intensive, Yoga Alliance-certified teacher training course in Austria equipped me with a well-rounded knowledge of asana, pranayama, meditation practice and now I want to share all that a regular and committed yoga practice means. It's not just the asanas, it is what the asana brings out in you.

I am also a certified acroyoga teacher. Sharing the creativity, skills and knowledge imparted to me by the amazing AcroYoga Montreal school is joyful. It's also a great tool to build community.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

3 Reviews

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An intuitive and down-to-earth teacher

I worked with Eszter both as a student and fellow teacher, and she's a pleasure to work with. She clearly has a deep personal practice, and a strong understanding of meditation and breathing, in addition to asana. She teaches intuitively with interesting and challenging sequences that really help to take you out of your head and into your body. She is an earthy, kind person with a passion for helping her students.

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Just what I needed

Eszter's classes are quite special; she is a very calm and attentive teacher and she never lets you laze around. What I need is exactly this, someone to guide me through the practice with such patience, someone to gently adjust me and tailor the whole class to my level of knowledge and my current state on a given day, and at the same time to challenge me right to the point where I can feel that I'm developing. Thanks to her instructions, the classes move me throughout as she promotes intensity and deepening of the postures with confidence and accurate assistance. The short meditation capping the physical practice comes as a rewarding, nice experience.
Lili, Teacher Trainer, Budapest

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Good vibrations

When I was looking for a yoga instructor, one of my most important requirements was that the teacher also prioritizes working towards proper alignment in the postures. This is important to me so that in the future I can focus on perfecting and deepening the practice instead of still working on basic adjustments. Eszter tirelessly assists and encourages me, so much so that I catch myself wanting to do yoga with her every day.
Mari, Videographer, Budapest