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Koh Samui
Surat Thani
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I am offering private Yoga and Pranayama classes on the island of Koh Samui. I am happy to practice Yoga at a location of your choice – your hotel, home, private villa, or the beach. My style is Vinyasa Flow, or “Ashtanga-style” Yoga, and can be modified to suit any level. I base my sessions on the Ashtanga Primary Series, with modifications. I can tailor your class to suit your Yoga level and preferences.

The many benefits of private lessons include, but are not limited to:

- Deepening your personal practice at a pace that suits you
- Giving yourself space to discover Yoga or further your practice without the “competitive” element, thereby minimizing risk of injury
- More interactive experience between teacher and student
- Increase strength and flexibility, whilst maintaining focus on your own practice
- Learning the correct methods of breathing/breath control to enhance your practice, lower stress levels, improve digestion, and boost energy levels
- Discover yourself and have fun in an environment that is comfortable and serene

I have had the pleasure of teaching students of many different levels in Yoga and Pranayama, and the positive changes in their lives has been extremely rewarding. I have been lucky enough to assist people with various afflictions and illnesses, using Yoga to assist them in relinquishing their dependency on dangerous and unnecessary medications.

The practice and philosophy of Yoga is something I enjoy sharing with others. If you would like a private Yoga/Pranayama session, please contact me at:


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Yoga from the Heart

I was lucky enough to meet Etain at New Leaf Detox Center in Koh Samui in 2012. I had gone to do a 28 day detox session looking to get my life centered and back in order health wise. The program was great but I was not able to do the group yoga sessions with a local instructor because of the physical shape I was in.


Etain works at New Leaf as a nutritionist as well as leading other programs. I soon discovered her passion and empathy as well as knowledge when discussing nutrition extended into the other facets of her life's work such as her Yoga. I saw that she offered private lessons so I went to talk with her. It was the one of the best decisions I have made in my life! Working with Etain and Yoga helped me to become not just more fit along with the detox program but, the breathing exercises and meditation I learned helped reduce my blood pressure even beyond the weight loss until I had to stop the medication I was on (a goal I had hoped for but was not sure was possible after taking the medication for four years). My blood pressure had returned to normal and the medication was producing uncomfortable side effects (dizziness, nausea) which stopped after I discontinued the pills. I ended that session a new person with a new lease on life. I later returned in 2013 for a shorter detox session and had private yoga lessons again with Etain.

The nutrition and yoga training I have received from Etain has been one of the most instrumental elements of a change for the better in my health both physical and emotional. She has the gift of passing on to others her joy in yoga and passion for a healthy lifestyle. I am currently still off any medication and continuing to lose weight in a healthy way through practicing healthy food combinations, exercise and yoga.

Thank you Etain for helping me attain the quality of life I have now!


Lynn A. Aderholt