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Having practised yoga with different teachers for more than 12 years I decided to go a step further and become a yoga teacher to be able to share my passion for yoga and wellbeing.

In my day-job as a strategic consultant I noticed the pressure and demands on people around me, and myself, increase day-on-day, year-on-year. Under all this pressure we forget ourselves. Our own health and wellbeing comes second, after all the demands of society are met. We are strung on a tight rope.

With my private yoga coaching I want to bring some balance back in our life. So that there is space for joy and beauty, and appreciation for the wonderful life we've been given.

My practice is totally custom made on the needs of my students. In a first meeting we analyse your needs together based on a questionnaire and conversation. We then practice an introductory session together. At the end of this first session we assess together what your personal Feel Good Yoga program will look like. I design the program with your input, and we start. As we progress, your Feel Good Yoga progam will addapt to your evolving needs.

Your Feel Good Yoga program can include any of the following elements, to make up your own Feel Good formula:

* relaxation poses
* restorative poses (aleviating back pains, tight hips, ..)
* breathing exercises
* flexibility increasing poses
* flowing sequences as an aerobic exercise
* advanced yoga poses
* mindfulness
* meditation
* conversations on lifestyle choices

This approach is highly individual, and I consider it as a continuation of my strategic management consulting business; only this time I'm not trying to improve how companies work, but how people feel.

I want you to Feel Good.


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