Eva Green

Co Cork
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Hi, my name is Eva and I love yoga so much that it can be infectious or really annoying depending on where you're sitting. I'm trying to apply yoga principles everywhere, but I'm only a human, so you will see me sometimes eating an ice creams too.
I started my yoga practice many years ago with ups and downs, sometimes very serious, sometimes non for few months. And you it is really happening to most of us. Eventually, I realised that yoga is a great tool to make yourself happy and I do really mean that. Seeing things from different perspective can be an eye and heart opener (yes, I'm mad about inversions).
After big turn in my life, I decided to take yoga teacher training with no particular intention to teach. But things evolved so much, that I actually can't imagine my life now without sharing practice with others.
In 2013 I finished my 200 hour teacher training with Yoga Diploma in Cork, then took kids training course with Rainbow Kids Yoga in London in September same year. Having those two in background I started to teach public yoga classes and I was just amazed how enjoyable it is. I've practiced many different styles of yoga (in general, I think, it's all same old hatha yoga, just with different labels, that really doesn't matter for all benefits you get from practicing) and I use them as inspiration, but really I just teach mix that feels good in the moment.
I've been teaching yoga for a while now, but still mixing up my lefts and rights at least once in every single class. If that bothers you, stay far far away. My goal is to make yoga challenging but accessible and to bring greater awareness to both body and mind in a safe and relaxed manner. I also try to keep yoga light hearted, which means you'll hear some jokes sometimes and hear not to take yoga to

"Practice and all is coming."
Shri K Pattabhi Jois


Average: 4.4 of 5 stars

14 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Eva is an excellent teacher. Very inspiring.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Eva Green review

Excellent teacher, very good technique and ensures everyone has the basics correct.

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Love the way Eva's yoga helps to stretch and loosen out those hard to reach spots. Thrilled to have found a good yoga class in Fermoy!
Btw the star rating system doesn't work very well (on my phone at least). Couldn't give Eva a 5 star rating in spite of all my tapping!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

I love Eva's class. She's not your typical yoga instructor she is lots of fun with laughter but with great workout and relaxation.

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A fantastic all round experience

Eva is a fantastic teacher with a perfect combination of energy & patience when demonstrating to slow learners !!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Eva Green

Excellent instructor, very enjoble classes

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Great instructor

Eva is my first yoga teacher and I am very happy to take a part of her yoga classes. After each session I feel I did a good job to my body also I feel totally relaxed and happy on my soul. She is generally very nice person with a huge passion.

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Can't thank her enough!

I started learning yoga with Eva just over a year ago. I had never done yoga before and was very nervous. From the very first moment of stepping into her class I was made to feel very welcome, relaxed and at ease.I feel she has a wonderful skill of making all her students feel good. The lessons are explained so well, even my slow foggy brain can grasp all the concepts and poses! Eva also has the great knack of knowing just how far to go with the poses, it amazes me, her intution, or her "feel" of her students. Thanks to Eva I am feeling my body and my mind change that was unimaginable last year. I truly cannot reccomend her highly enough! Her classes will indeed change your life, no exgaggaration! A genuine diamond of a yoga teacher!

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Excellent Yoga Teacher

Eva makes every session interesting, challenging and relaxing all at once. She has a beautiful positive manner with everyone and has a wonderful energised calmness about her. I would totally recommend Eva as a yoga teacher.

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yoga class

A very worthwhile class, a variety of exercises every week focusing on different parts of the body, a good combination of yoga moves and relaxation. A very enjoyable experience.

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Expert tuition tailored to just right!

De Ronde van Cork Cycling Club have had the immense benefit of Eva's instruction for over 3 months now. We find her classes to be just on the right side of challenging and all our members are enjoying the benefits of improved core strength, increased flexibility and reduced cramp as a result.
We could not recommend Eva highly enough.
John Slattery

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Brilliant teacher.

Eva is an excellent teacher and really lovely person. She is very experienced and passes on her enthusiasm for yoga. She is very encouraging and ensures that everyone does their best while enjoying the class.

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One of the best teacher I've ever seen

Eva is a very experienced teacher and you'll never feel frustrated. Her lessons are very well-constructed. Step by step your body is changing - you can definately see it, so it's important not to miss lessons and maybe do few exercises at home.
My chest and shoulders had been nearly immobile, but now they feel much much better.
Having attended lessons with other teachers, I can say Eva's have been among the best. I really recommend them.

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Eva is a great yoga teacher. Sheveal very experienced teacher and is teaching yoga as a whole : "body and spirituality" The poses are explained in minutious detail and I feel I m holing my postures right , and feels which muscle is suppose to be working out in the pose. You feel great for a long time after her classes.