Eva Provedel

United Kingdom

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Hi there! I am a Joy Coach and professional Laughter Yoga Teacher, with the mission of helping you find your inner glow and positive outlook while you "ride the wave" of life and also take care of yourself and your wellness. My experience is in business coaching and communications for innovation companies. It is there that I have seen how much creating a safe space for expression and for "thinking out of the box" really affects the quality of work and personal gratification. I am passionate about women's empowerment and have worked on uncovering stereotypes and barriers that prevent women from following their passions and inner guidance. My social commitment is very high: I believe in giving back to society, and at the same time fulfilling our own needs and finding the right balance in our relationships. Connection with our body and presence are fundamental tools to achieve this. I regularly dance Argentinian Tango: dance is another significant tool to stay in touch with ourselves, and I use it in my workshops. My other passion is travelling in a traveller-non-tourist way, another door towards new horizons and understanding of self and others. I am Italian, speak six languages, have lived in the , China, Italy, Germany and Spain. Now based in London. My motto is: smile at the world and it will smile right back! I look forward to meeting you on my path of development and supporting you in your path.


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