Eva SIL Plzakova

Czech Republic

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My name is Eva Plzaková, I am a Fashion designer and owner of Fashion brand Siluet YOGA WEAR…
I live and work in Prague, Czech Republic.
After 20 years of everyday hard,work in fashion industry I needed a change in my life. Challenge! I decided to leave stable and comfortable life and I followed my other passion in life, Yoga. In 2011 I went to USA, LA and after Months of studying with Master Bikram Choudhury.
I graduated from Bikram Yoga Colllege of India.
I become a certified Yoga instructor.
My hobby become a part of my professional life and I have a great opportunity to combine both of my interests, Fashion and Yoga.
I practice Yoga since 2006 and from personal experience I understand what to expect from Yoga wear. I design my Yoga wear to be functional, comfortable, beautiful and top quality in the same time! All my products are hand made,in my own studio in Prague, under my supervision.
I respect all my customers! I love my work, I enjoy Yoga and my Motto is : ” Nothing is impossible”!
Made with LOVE for YOU!


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