Evangeline Mangune (Formerly Evangeline Gopaul)

Toronto, ON

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Yoga and Ayurveda has informed my life for many years now, providing sound advice to maintain an active, healthy, happy life. As transformation unfolds in your life, it can be liberating, yet you may feel anxious, or fearful, even overall terrible. I find having Ayurveda and Yoga in my "back pocket", cushions those feelings and/or delusions, helping remove obstacles in my mind allowing me to flow in truth with life.

Health and Lifestyle Transformation
Private Practice, On-Site
Toronto, Muskoka area

$135 Diet & Lifestyle Assessment, Treatment, Education
$35+ Follow up
$25+ Ayurveda Classes/Workshops
$75+ Yoga Session: Individual or Group On-Site
$21+ Yoga Class-Studio
$35+ Massage Therapy

Diet & Lifestyle Assessment:Individual assessment of imbalances and explanation as to why; treatment; diet & lifestyle education; referral when needed

Ayurveda Classes/Workshops: Timeless wisdom with practical application
“Basics of Ayurveda”: Prana, Doshas, Digestion, Channels, Toxins, The Liver, Tissues & Organs, Ojas, and how they all fit together to create health. Unlike the contradictions you may encounter in the media, the ancient doctors left no guesswork on which foods & practices are beneficial for health.
"The Science of Home Cooking": A unique grocery shopping experience, as you will thoroughly understand how to shop for whole foods for your refrigerator and pantry as you and I investigate the grocery will be able to differentiate between the four classifications of processed food, & the value of home cooking for improving the quality of your health.
“Spice Up Your Life”: Understanding spices for their medicinal value to aid in digestion, nutrient absorption, bloating, water retention, healthy skin, & how to prepare spice mixes. You will be taking home your own formulated spice mix.
“Health & Aging”: Learn the science of self care, with specific focus on the Vata stage of life, 50 years & up.

Yoga & Meditation
Group Class Saturdays 9am "Gentle Yoga for Body & Mind" at Continuum Wellness
Individual or Group On-Site
All Classes end with relaxation and/or meditation.

Massage Therapy: For pain relief & relaxation; pregnancy massage

Massage Therapy treatments and other modalities used within a Massage Therapy treatment plan, such as aromatherapy, yoga, pilates, meditation, guided imagery, and reiki are covered by your Extended Health Insurance.
Prices include GST/HST.


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