Eve Pettitt

United Kingdom

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I began my journey over 20 years ago, inspired by several magical trips to India; seeking, enquiring, discovering, wishing to open my eyes to my true self. Yoga led me to explore and uncover the freedom that lies within every one of us. We each have the freedom to choose, the freedom to be responsible for our own lives, the freedom to create our own happiness.
My daily practice of yoga and meditation helps me to stand strong, follow my intuition and feel deeply spiritually connected. My studies of Tantric philosophy have greatly influenced my practice.
Having experienced intensely life-changing healing and transformation through yoga and meditation, I chose to train as a teacher, wishing to share the extraordinary gifts of awareness and clarity that yoga has to offer.
In my classes I encourage the deep exploration and discovery of one's self through truly listening to the body and honouring life's natural pace. You are perfect just the way you are!
I am also a fine artist, forever enchanted by the human body my paintings explore the figurative form. Do have a look at my paintings


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