Evelyn Zimmerli

London W1
United Kingdom

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From the beginning, having grown up in Switzerland where Evelyn loved to collect herbs and play with mixing plants to create natural remedies, a holistic approach to health has always been a big part of Evelyn’s life. Coming from a holistic health conscious family, Evelyn always had a conducive environment for her own research, which led her to eventually partner with Plasma Saal as their Health and Fitness Coach. Now while she produces healthy chocolates, Evelyn works consistently with her partner to enhance the body, minds, subconscious, and spirits of the people they work with to help them establish methods for leading a sustainable happy and healthy life.

Over the years, Evelyn has cultivated a passion for yoga as an important step in her journey of holistic health, which eventually led her to India to study with some of the great yoga masters.
As a yoga teacher, Evelyn challenges each individual student, helping them to deepen and refine their own practice while building strength and flexibility physically and spiritually. Her classes integrate dynamic flows as well as restorative techniques with emphasis on safe alignment.
Evelyn’s primary teacher is Yogi Kamal Singh, an internationally known yoga teacher who is famous for his attention to alignment and strong adjustments based on the traditional Ashtanga yoga system. Evelyn’s teaching style reflects that of her teacher, as she presents each student with the safe experience of the depth and alignment of each asana through clear adjustments and instructions. She guides her students on a path to help them holistically integrate yoga into their lives.


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