Evelyns Gaiti is (Arka)

Miami, FL
United States

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I am Hatha Yoga Registered Teacher and an Educator for children with special needs, training on Sensory Impairment, Autism, Language and Behavior Analysis.
I have accomplished Yoga Therapy for Children, Yoga Training for Children, Yoga Education for Autism.
Currently I am Taking 300 hours IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy Training.
Working for 27 years I have been surrounded always by patients with variety of syndromes and special conditions, caused by the imbalance of the systems in their bodies. Being a Yoga practitioner for several years I could experience the tremendous benefits of my practice in my life; step by step I applied the same tools into my work with my patients; breathing , posture, self-awareness, self-regulation, and more. It tools of Yoga help them beyond my expectation, I was transmitting the ability to union and balance body, mind and spirit, I was transmitting the teaching of my teachers and their teachers from thousand of years ago to current time. I become a yoga teacher to deep on my practice. I am continuing learning and studying because the journal about nurture my self with knowledge and help other never ending.



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