Evi Bouzaki

N.Psychiko, Athens
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Yoga makes me feel good; I feel connected with my body and mind so whenever I'm out of balance I hit the mat!
I'm Greek in origin and have lived in the UK for almost 8 years where I got my main training and development in my yoga journey. I'm teaching yoga since 2008 and I came back to Greece my beloved country, in the beginning of 2012. I teach in Athens (north subs) and on the islands in Greek and English on different settings.
My teachers inspire me all the way through, coming from the tradition of and I'm deeply influenced by it.

My journey involves both Bahiranga Yoga sadhana (physical work) and Antaranga Yoga sadhana (Inner work through yoga).
They go together (both body and mind) and it is very fulfilling and therapeutic!

My branding name Yoga Kinisis (where Kinisis means movement in Greek) embraces flow—the conscious dynamism of movement within and between poses. Whether the flow will be dynamic or more gentle is to be decided on the group level or individual. Whatever will be, Yoga Kinisis aim to flow with integrity, respect to the individual but also to the traditional values, responsibility and positivity!


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

2 Reviews

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