Ewa Jedrzejczyk


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I first started on my journey of yoga in 2002 and began a dedicated daily yoga practice in 2004. I received a Level 2 Ashtanga Teacher Qualification at the KPJAY Institute in India in 2008, which took 3 years to complete. I use Ashtanga often as my foundation in teaching and integrate other styles and knowledge that has profoundly inspired my personal practice.

Most of my public classes begin with a short meditation, either standing, seated or in a restorative/yin pose, and follow with gentle stretches that help open the body and awaken the breath. Classes then progress through sun salutations and strength and flexibility building sequences that integrate healthy alignment in standing and balancing poses, seated postures, and finally backbends and/or inversions. Classes finish with a deep relaxation.

I emphasis not causing harm but comfort and healing in the classes, hopefully always leaving students calm, rejuvenated and most importantly in a joyful state!


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