Ezat Luba

Brooklyn, NY
United States

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Ive been bending and stretching and om’ng and meditating for 15 years. My yoga practice began at Jivamukti in NYC when I was a freshman at NYU; it has followed me on my adventures to San Francisco, Washington DC, Cleveland, London, and beyond. In 2008, whilst drowning in text books and a whole lot of anxiety, I finished my course with the British Wheel of Yoga. I started a Wellness Club at the Royal Veterinary College in London. We let go of our traditional roles as students and teachers and instead played with our bodies and minds. Although my teachers are Astanga and Iyengar based, my classes are less structured and vary from dynamic flow to quiet yin.
When I’m not trying to pincha mayurasana off the wall, I am a veterinarian and animal behaviourist; I’m an audiophile and cheating vegetarian; I spend more time outside than most people I know and try super hard to make stuff and keep connected to my community.


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