Földiné Irtl Melinda


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My interest is the phylosophy and practical application of the Buddhism and Yoga. I have started my formal studies on these subjects in 1998. I have studied with lots of uniqe and powerful teachers in different schools. I got my BA and MA degree as a Buddhist Dharma teacher (TKBF University, Hungary, Budapest) and a Masters degree in Yogic Sciences by SVYASA (India,Bangalore). I'm a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher (Intro 2., 2009., Poland), certified Birthlight Yoga for Pregnancy teacher (2002, Hungary), and also I have studied several other methods of Yoga. As a mother of two small children I also focus on the application of yoga in the family life, I offer special program for children and mothers as well to encourage every practicioner to achieve real practical wisdom and inner peace. I prefer the individual, personal classes for the sake of the better understanding of our real I have only few official, regular class in the Buddhist University and the Indian Embassy.


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