Sean Drohan

Halifax, NS

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Good day,

I am a simple forest yogin. I have the privilege of being a Yoga and Dharma guide here in Nova Scotia, and beyond. I also happen the be the host of EASTLINK TV's "the path of yoga".

I guide in the full view of Traditional Yoga and Dharma.

I aspire to take the Indo-Tibetan essences of practices and realization, and craft them culturally relative to us in our own language. Some practices and references from India and Tibet work here, and some do not :)

I teach Workplace Yoga to corporations, government offices, groups and organizations. I teach private and public classes as well.

I also guide "THE FULL VIEW OF YOGA AND DHARMA RELATIVE TO US" Day Retreats twice a year in around six locations throughout Nova Scotia (primarily advertised on Kijiji).

I have been a wilderness guide in Nova Scotia for 20 years. I also guide "YOGA AND MEDITATION IN THE WILDERNESS" backpacking retreats in Cape Breton (search "Pollettes Cove Yoga" on YouTube :).

You can see some of how I guide in Yoga and Dharma by visiting my YouTube Channel. There is also some Yogin Music :) Simply search "forest yogin" on the YouTubes to find my channel (*or click the WEBSITE link at the top of this page).

namaste and KI KI SO SO



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