Fanny Cheng

Hong Kong S.A.R., China

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Being a layman or a non-yogi, I too suffered a lot as most of the people do in a sedentary profession. Always working in front of computer gifted me a frozen shoulder and sciatica. wearing high heels has developed lower back & big toe pain. This wasn't the end here, being devastated physically & mentally by a car accident my complete body from head to toe went into vain &pain. I was truly suffering until the day my fate leads me to Yoga. I started doing it, loving it. From an amateur to a devotee. Now things were healing, pains have vanished, sufferings gone, that was the moment I decided to transform self from being a practitioner to a professional, to help folks around. To spread my learning to aid you for having no distress, no pains, no sufferings anymore.


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